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Friday, January 07, 2011

They can't handle the truth

We've certainly have become a cynical lot -- Deval Patrick tells the truth and the men and women of the Fourth Estate come apart so badly they need a good slap of Col. Nathan R. Jessep.

What has apparently unhinged both Brian McGrory and Yvonne Abraham is Patrick's declaration that he intends to travel more in his second term to promote Massachusetts and yes, the book he has coming out this year.

Honesty from a governor is indeed a rare commodity in recent state history. We need to look no further than the previous holder of the Corner Office keys, Willard Mitt Romney, who traveled the land for more than 200 days in his last year -- largely trashing Massachusetts.

Or we can set the wayback machine to 1988 and Mike Dukakis, running for president and getting trashed for being from Massachusetts.

So in a sense it's concerning that Patrick plans to take his story and our message on the road. Except of course it's not because these are different times and different people.

There's a reason that Massachusetts appears to be emerging from the recession faster than other states -- a job force concentrated in higher education, technology, and health sectors — professions that attract highly educated workers who are less likely to be unemployed. And which, unlike traditional manufacturing appear to be growing and adding jobs.

One big plus for the state we love to slam. But why not go out and tout it and attract more businesses? Isn't that what a governor is supposed to do?

And while we may have become jaded, Patrick's personal story remains a terrific one: a kid from the ghetto of Chicago who comes to Massachusetts during a time when it's major national image is that of busing and African-Americans attacked by flagpoles, and eventually rises to the top job in the state.

Think that's ancient history? The New York Times apparently believes Massachusetts has a racial problem -- devoting much space recently to outsider Shaquille O'Neal supposedly breaking down still solid barriers.

With all due respect to Shaq, what exactly is wrong with Patrick trying to bury that ancient shame once and for all?

Yes, we've burned a lot by governors who have headed off for sunnier or colder climes, pursuing personal dreams ahead of state business. But Patrick deserves the benefits of constitutional justice, which after all is an apparent cornerstone of the new Republican House.

And that means he's innocent until proven guilty.

So chill out guys. Why not write about another collective group who over promise and under perform: TV meteorologists.

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Blogger Daniel said...

In other news, Scott Brown's autobiography is due in stores any day now. He'll be touring to promote that as well, I imagine.

January 07, 2011 5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's great that he cashes in on his political career by writing and promoting a book, far better than the way Dianne Williamson tried to cash in. We are still losing people overall though as evidenced by the loss of a congressional seat, we still need to have some work available for those of us who wear blue collars. Look at the way western Mass(Springfield) is compared to the relatively robust Boston area. We are drifting too far apart.

January 07, 2011 9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops, Wilkerson

January 07, 2011 9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It wasn't just McGrory and Abraham who mocked Patrick for his comments, the Globe Editorial Page did much the same thing. That seems to be their MO. I've seem them do it for little or no reason to Mayor Menino, and also Senator Kerry. It isn't just one thing, it's the way they play the tag team, continuing attack game that annoys me.

January 07, 2011 3:52 PM  

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