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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Business as usual

Egypt and the Mideast in crisis. A monster storm cripples the eastern United States. And Senate Republicans playing politics.

Neither rain, nor sleet nor Molotov cocktails could deter Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell from his avowed goal of making Barack Obama a one-term president.

The Republican political apparatus is no doubt already cranking up the attack ads on Democrats they see as vulnerable in 2012 for their vote against repeal of the federal health care law. There are priorities after all.

Never mind the United States may be reaching a turning point in its relationship not only with Egypt and the entire Arab world, a demographic that conservatives are quick to lambaste as the source of all terror and evil -- and equally quick to ignore when it can't be used to score political points.

McConnell once again proved Republicans campaign better than they govern, using Groundhog Day no less to rehash what they view as their latest electoral wedge issue.

I suppose it was a better use of their time than an effort by their House colleagues to redefine rape as part of a continued Contract on America.

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