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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Double standard?

The elected official criss-crosses the country, a Massachusetts success story raising funds for members of his party. A national book tour is on the drawing board with high profile network television interviews involving details of his personal life.

Is he shirking his job? If his name is Deval Patrick, the Boston Herald would like you to think so. If his name is Scott Brown, not so much.

Brown has been garnering the national press this week with advance promotion of his book, including the revelation he was sexually abused by a camp counselor at the age of 10. An interview on "60 Minutes" is coming up as the road show gets into high gear.

This follows a 2010 when Brown was the conservative darling, constantly on the road to raise cash for fellow Republicans and himself.

So with news that Deval Patrick is creating a federal political action committee to finance what is expected to be considerable travel on behalf of Barack Obama and Democrats in 2012, the Tea Party Newsletter trots out the usual Republican suspects to suggest Patrick is intent on abandoning Massachusetts.

OK, there are a few differences. Brown has a $174,000 part-time job in the United States Senate. Patrick gets $140,000 for a full-time job. And virtually all Massachusetts governors elected since 1986 have traveled extensively (or phoned it in) for parts of their terms.

But the Mad Hatters of Herald Square are apparently worried their campaign to ideologically cleanse Massachusetts would suffer a major hit if America is exposed to Deval Patrick and the progress that has been made here in improving access to health care and now trying to tackle the cost issue.

Everybody's favorite whipping boy emerged from an election he was expected to lose with a message that his friend Barack Obama thinks more of the country should be exposed to after the false picture Mitt Romney painted of the Bay State.

Not to mention the fact that Patrick's victory neatly counters the GOP argument that Brown represented a sea change in Massachusetts politics.

So the Right Wing Road Warriors are seizing on Patrick's ambitious plan to travel to promote Massachusetts, Obama and his book in an attempt to discredit him before he leaves the gate. Meanwhile, Scotto gets a pass for the same activity.

They decide, then report.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one ever expects Mass to turn Red, but we're chipping away at it. Brown, increased state reps, who knows if the Dems go back to sending out their normal kind of candidate, maybe they'll be another Repub gov soon. I actually give Deval credit for trying to tackle some of the pension problems etc so I think he is more of a one-of-a kind. He deserves a book tour. The usual Dem candidates (when not under indictment) are going to be less and less influential.

February 19, 2011 11:40 AM  

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