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Friday, February 25, 2011

Waiting for the other sneaker to drop

Well, the Celtics certainly solved the backup small forward problem. But for the moment, at least, there's a very big hole in the middle.

The trade the shipped Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson off to Oklahoma City for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic certainly has caused a lot of talk among those of us who bleed green. The major question is how to you fill a gaping hole in the middle left by Perk's departure?

The answer, I suspect will be coming today or tomorrow -- let's not forget there are now three other open roster spots thanks to the departure of Luke Harangody, Semih Erden and Marquis Daniels.

What had started as a log jam in the middle, made necessary by Perkins' Game Six injury last year and the need to really beef up at center, is now a twig jam. Jermaine O'Neal may literally be on his last leg and Shaquille O'Neal had better be rehabbing the Superman tattoo as well as his Achilles. A committee that may eventually include Leon Powe or Rasheed Wallace, to toss out two names, will only be a short-term solution.

To play devil's advocate, the Celtics made it to the top of the East this far basically without Perkins, whose expiring contract clearly must have been on Danny Ainge's mind. And since the Celtics like to feel they don't get enough respect this will certainly have pundits anointing the Heat as the future kings.

But let's look at the bright side. The Celtics have solved their short-term and long-term issues at small forward. In Jeff Green they have a 24-year-old good enough for them to draft in 2007 as trade bait for, ahem, Ray Allen.

Not only does Green spell both Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett right now, he's a name that can be penciled in years down the road when 34 decides to hang them up.

Krstic? He certainly won't take up the space Perkins did, but if he can hit from the outside maybe he can unclog the middle just a little. I don't think he's much more than a long body right now.

Robinson? Shrek and Donkey was fun but a 5-9 dunker was not a priority and if Delonte West is truly on the straight and narrow, the minutes are now there for a guy who was one of the few spots of sunshine pre-KG and Ray.

And I can't wait to see what Danny has in store for us today.

So long Perk, it's been good to know you. Good luck, but not too much.

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Blogger Suldog said...

Fairly much concur. Hate to lose Perk, and don't see the C's winning it all as they are now constituted. I hope Danny has something good up his sleeve. If not... yikes.

February 25, 2011 9:41 AM  

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