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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Florida's loss, our gain?

Call it fiscal prudence or call it Tea Party economics, but Massachusetts may be in line to snag a little more our our tax dollars that are currently being shipped to states that whine the loudest about tax burdens.

The Globe reports Massachusetts is looking for $110 million in federal cash to replace a rickety bridge used by Amtrak to connect Boston and Portland. The money is available because Florida turned thumbs down on $2.4 billion to build a high-speed rail line between Tampa and Orlando.

I'm not here to argue the wisdom of that decision, but to note it does open the door to a little more tax equity. Massachusetts currently ranks fourth from the top on how much we send to Washington in federal taxes and 39th in how much we get back.

Put another way, we only get 82 cents on the dollar, while New Mexico gets $2.03 for every dollar it contributes.

Maybe we had the right idea with the original Boston Tea Party and the folks in Rand Paul's Kentucky ($1.51) are the ones who should be defending status quo?

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Anonymous henriette said...

there are always ups and downs but things tend to get back to normal eventually! thanks for the post!

March 27, 2011 4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea, get the same amount you give in. Foster states rights. Then get the District of Columbia to give back some of it's ridiculous largesse.

March 28, 2011 5:20 AM  

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