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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here, there, everywhere

Odds and ends while taking a break from three wars and potential nuclear catastrophe:

  • Hooksett, NH can know be known for something other than cheap booze and higher tolls. Our friends to the north, who have literally been giving us crap for years, seem to have kicked it up a notch by befouling our beaches. The silence has been deafening, but I did want to let them know our cities and towns would be happy to take some of their cash to pay for the clean-up of their mess.
  • Speaking of cash, I know the top priority our state and local leaders should have right now coping with budget shortfalls is building a permanent public tribute to former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn. Might I suggest designers consider the image of Flynn aboard a snow plow, press release in hand? Or maybe holding an umbrella for a Pope?
  • As an AT&T customer, I rejoice at the thought of a merger with T-Mobile. Better coverage anyone? And an end to those annoying rip-offs of the Apple-PC commercials. Higher prices would come no matter with or without a merger.

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