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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quake? Tsumami? No football???

The earth shakes, rattles and rolls, triggering killer waves that speed along the ocean floor at hundreds of miles an hour before wreaking havoc on opposite shores. The temblor shuts down fail-safe mechanisms at nuclear power plants, evoking images of the China Syndrome in Japan.

It appears as if the Mayans were right, even if the timing of their prediction was off by a year. What other horrifying thing could possibly happen?

Tom, Peyton and Drew could sue the National Football League
and their billionaire overlords threaten to end football as we know it? Oh the humanity!

But there it is, on front pages all across the America, sharing space with talk of Richter scales, tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns. The boys of autumn need better timing.

The spectacle of labor turmoil in the National Football League is laughable on its face -- the billionaires can't control themselves and overpay athletes, then demand concessions to save them from themselves. Star players take time out from celebrating Carnaval with their supermodel wives to accuse their employer of anti-competitive practices and seek triple damages.

I wish the Wisconsin teachers had thought of that.

Long ago, the initials NFL began to stand for No Fan Loyalty. The men and women who enjoyed the game have had to put down more and more of their hard-earned cash to watch grown men give each other brain damage. Teams change players (and sometime cities) over the flash of green. Owners pack in the fans by selling more tickets than they have seats for, while players pack on the pounds as well as their wallets.

Nothing better illustrates the disconnect from reality in this nation than this public spectacle of rich people squabbling over dollars they are taking from the pockets of those who dream of becoming rich and famous and collecting those same, often tax-free dollars.

What would happen if we ignored both sides -- and went back to paying attention to what counts. like earthquakes, tsunamis and the human anguish they cause instead of worrying about how Tom and Jerry split their spoils?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear the name USFL is available. Maybe the players can go off and start a league of their own. Then they can control as much of the revenues as they want. Of course, maybe they'll find religion and try to control expenses to keep the bottom line high. Also, if the business does poorly, they would be the ones to incur the loss unlike now when they expect to be paid their guaranteed dollars.

As for the owners, there are many former arena football player who would play for cheap money. They could start a new league with reasonable salaries and reasonable admission prices. Do you think anyone would go to those games, or that they owners would control themselves and not start they cycle over again? The stadiums the owners built, many with state funds, could be used for local events. How much do you think they could get people to pay to watch an event there?

They're killing the golden goose with their greed, and cutting off a generation of potential fans from developing the habit. In the end they'll be the losers. Of course, with the salaries they've already received, most players could never work another day in their lives, and before the age of 30, will have made more money than the overwhelming majority of us can expect to in our entire working lives. Let them try finding a job with a living wage in this economy, now. The local self serve gas station is always looking for a clerk.

March 12, 2011 10:10 AM  
Anonymous JonFrum said...

What's wrong with people? Why won't they take every opportunity to stick needles in their eyes?

I bet you're the guy at the party telling some poor soul about your open running sores, as he searches for a way to escape your clutches. Take a breath, misery-boy.

March 12, 2011 12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


March 14, 2011 10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Brady and Bob Kraft must not be up on what's happened in Egypt etc. If twittering can bring down dictators imagine what it can do to mere million/billionares. If there is no football next year I will never buy another NFL sanctioned shirt/hat as long as I live and will never give one as a gift. Get e-mailing and spread the same kind of boycott and see how quick this is resolved.

March 15, 2011 5:42 AM  

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