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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Showdown at the GOP Corral

Like the irresistible force slamming into the immovable object, House Republicans are poised to shutdown government, eyes firmly focused on politics and not the best interests of the nation.

Although Democrats have already agreed to $10 billion in budget cuts, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is issuing deadlines for Democrats to cave to GOP demands for another $50 billion or so, while sidestepping public discussion about the major ideological policy changes they also want to ram through in the spending bill.

The changes -- to gut environmental enforcement and wage war against abortion providers -- are ancient battles that appear to have little to do with the alleged small government dreams of the Tea Party activists who took over the House in November.

And they are unlikely to appeal to the vast majority of Americans who are sick to death of the partisanship that has made it impossible to deal with the real issues the nation faces.

There's an undercurrent of suspicion that GOP leaders themselves are divided, with Speaker John Boehner recalling the damage done to his party by the 1995 shutdown. And with Boehner struggling to control his own forces, it's likely we will see a symbolic and unnecessary shutdown of services.

But it's also worth recalling that Democrats historically fail to muster the backbone to stand up for what they believe. And they ought to believe that they have taken important steps to heal the nation from the ravages of the last era of unfettered GOP control, an era when regulations toppled, Wall Street ran amok, the economy tanked and millions lost their jobs.

House Republicans want to return us to those days and it is important to stand firm against that would-be tsunami.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest economic impact in the last 30 years has been NAFTA, which was supported by both parties. It led to good jobs being lost just as Ross Perot predicted. Lower labor costs drives most manufacturing, and by allowing illegal immigrants to stampede their way into this country it's driving down wages and is the next big problem which will suck the life out of our economy. Try to start a drywall company in Texas and pay over the table wages and benefits, you'll be out of business in short order.

March 30, 2011 5:12 AM  
Anonymous Atlanta Roofing said...

And of course the real framing for this story, the one that matters, is that Social Security is insolvent and Medicare is unsustainable. That’s where we are. That’s why the cuts are important now. However, Republicans are crazy if they think any of those contexts will be brought up by the MSM. The story will be stripped of all such details and presented in a way that leads people to believe Republicans wanted a shutdown because they hate poor people.

March 31, 2011 4:59 AM  

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