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Monday, March 14, 2011

Slow opinion day

When a major metropolitan newspaper editorializes about neck wear, you have to wonder about the future of opinion-mongering.

Sure there's been no dearth of news recently headlined by the tragedy in Japan and the uprisings in the Muslim world. But the bread and butter, raise a ruckus and shout your opinion stuff has been a bit meager what with Deval Patrick a trade mission, the Legislature slowly waking from its slumber and the Republican dance offering little more than Michele Bachmann history lessons.

But Mitt Romney's neck ties? Puhleeze. I'd rather hear about saving parking spots. Again.

And frankly, the Globe missed the mark in analyzing Romney's sartorial choices on the non-campaign trail. There's a time and a place to doff a tie. An official party function on a Saturday night, when the lack of a tie makes you stand out like a fashion faux pas, would not be it. Besides, Myth offers so many more legitimate targets.

The Herald, as always, leads the way in bad mockery, and it does it in the news section. The Tea Party Newsletter has been chronicling what Deval Patrick has been missing each day on his trade mission. Funny thing though, they appear to be missing the fact people are finally taking up things he left for them to do before he hit the road.

Admit it Globe opinion writers: you can never been as snarky as Herald news editors.

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