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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birth of a new red herring

OK, Donald. Now that Barack Obama has offered his long-form birth certificate it's time for you to produce your Hair Club for Men receipt. And demand a refund.

It's a sad statement on the tone and "substance" of the rabid right that more than 50 percent of Republicans were so incredibly stupid -- or hate-filled -- to believe the blatherings of fringe elements who so firmly reject the concept of an African-American as president they either make up "facts" or ignore reality to delegitimize Obama.

As my friend Dan Kennedy rightly observed, no white president would be "bullied by sociopaths."

And while it is foolish to think the fringers are through questioning Obama's heritage or credentials, it's more than past time for the Republican Party's "leaders" to denounce the tactics and begin acting like the "adults" they claim to be.

That starts with the New York real estate developer who is turning them into a one-ring circus by masterfully manipulating the fringe as only a reality TV show star can do. You almost think Trump is collecting a check from the Democratic National Committee under the table. so skillful has he been in igniting the "base" to lunge even farther to the right.

We're currently dealing with three wars, a feeble economy and a reverse Robin Hood proposal by the House Budget Committee to take from the poor and give to the rich to solve our economic woes. It's long past time to be distracted by foolishness like where Obama was born, what grades he earned and whatever new idiocy emerges.

The only winner here is Trump, who once again masterfully promoted his own brand at the expense of serious conversations about our nation's real problems and suggested paths to the future.

No matter what he decides after this stunt to promote his TV show, it's time for Republicans to tell Donald Trump "you're fired." And the same goes for anyone who follows the same path (are you listening Fox News?)

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