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Saturday, April 02, 2011

No Tea -- or Sympathy -- for Scotto

The Tea Party has uninvited Scott Brown, and that's just fine Massachusetts junior senator.

Brown is proving to be one of the best political operators ever in these parts as he tiptoes through a minefield of potentially dangerous stances to position himself as a moderate when he seeks reelection next year. Even when he is not.

Then again, Brown is taking advice from a campaign team that was able to make Joe Malone look good for awhile.

Brown and his advisers clearly know the hard right bleatings of the Tea Party, Birther Nation and friends are bad news for him in 2012, even if the Democrats fail to field a substantive challenger.

Aided by his skilled communications team, he manages to come across as the voice of moderation -- calling for what the Globe notes are "more compromises on unspecified programs."

Great self-preservation plan. But as for other job seekers, Brown has little sympathy, as his stance on eliminating job training and career centers. He joined Republican colleagues in support of a House GOP plan to cut $61 billion through, among other things, hits to the home-heating oil assistance program and eliminating career center funding.

In a written statement after that vote, Brown said, "hard but necessary decisions" are required to shrink the federal deficit. "American families want their leaders, at every level of government, to tighten their belts."

Except of course for the financial institutions that feed his campaign war chest.

Brown has become the stealth senator, speaking only in well-controlled environments like book signings and avoiding as many journalist questions as he can. Naturally he declined to tell the Globe specifically whether he supported career center funding, all the while continuing to claim to stand for putting Massachusetts residents back to work.

So it's all back to the fact that Brown can essentially do what he wants in the absence of a credible Democrat to take him on. And he can only hope and pray that Tea Party Nation leader Judson Phillips follows through on his threat to field a candidate to the right of Brown to challenge him in a Republican primary.

File this under "no tea or sympathy."

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