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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Silence is golden

The Globe fronted Boston.com for much of Monday into this morning with a story declaring Deval Patrick "mum" on his support for embattled Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua. Am I missing something?

The Globe seems oddly defensive after soundly beating the Tea Party Newsletter on the increasingly strange case of Lantigua, who has been feuding with police in is Merrimack Valley city. Far less is known about the case -- including is bizarre claim that someone, he says probably a cop, tried to run him down -- than what we do know.

The Herald, true to form, offered up a slew of Massachusetts Republican Party press releases as a story and tried to hang Lantigua around Patrick's neck.

Today's Globe feels the need to follow up, offering this bizarre lead:
Governor Deval Patrick declined to say yesterday whether he still has confidence in Mayor William Lantigua of Lawrence, who is being investigated for possible corruption by federal and state authorities.
Aside from the obvious that it would be inappropriate to comment about a pending investigation, since when is it news when someone declines to say something? Surely there must have another element of the gubernatorial encounter worthy of the lead -- for example his continued support for a $35 million loan guarantee package (approved by the Legislature).

In my mind, the only time someone declining to say something is newsworthy is when it comes from a witness stand, accompanied by the words "because it might tend to incriminate me."

Or did the rules about sound news judgment change while I wasn't looking?

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