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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sins of the father

It's all a case of mistaken identity -- Republicans think Barack Obama Sr. is the president.

The Globe offers a fascinating view of the elder Obama today, an apparently brilliant but erratic soul who was eventually shown the door by Harvard in a scheme negotiated in concert with the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The story relies on documents unearthed through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Arizona Independent.

The Globe's Sally Jacobs initially requested the documents in 2009 for a book to be published this summer. Obviously word of their existence and the elder Obama's Harvard problem have been circulating in the conspiratorial nether regions for awhile.

So I'm guessing The Donald missed the fact the documents pertained to the elder Obama when a sudden gust of wind blew hair into his eyes and he could not see the documents dated from 1964, when the president was not quite three years old.

Yeah, I can see how a kid would have grade problems in a Harvard PhD program.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barack's illegal alien aunt fed into the hysteria too. I'm glad he cleared it up, in the future all candidates should provide full documentation up front and avoid the sideshows that developed. He's becoming more of a centrist anyway, so the farther to the right he goes, the less dissatisfied I am. Start a war to protect our oil interests in Libya, and ignore people getting killed is Syria. Keep Guantanamo open, he's becoming a right winger.

April 29, 2011 9:18 AM  

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