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Friday, April 08, 2011

"You lie"

The Tea Party made it bones by claiming to be focused solely on controlling what it said was out-of-control spending (that curiously arose only after George Bush left office).

But in the famous words of South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson: "You lie."

As Washington slowly careens toward a crack-up known as a government shutdown, we come to find out the stumbling block between House and Senate negotiators isn't money. Only a few billion separate them, chump change in a trillion dollar budget.

Nope, the problem is Democrats won't give ground on the Republican call for defunding Planned Parenthood or for stripping the Environmental Protection Agency of enforcement powers.
“This is no longer about the budget deficit,” said Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Senate Democrat. “It’s about bumper stickers.”
Naturally House Speaker John Boehner objects, even as his caucus comes up with blatantly loaded stop gap funding bill that escalates their proposed cuts and wraps it into full funding for the military through Sept. 30.

That piece of cover for criticism that troops won't get paid during a shutdown would also lock in all the wasteful spending for outdated weapons systems the Republicans view as sacrosanct.

Joe Wilson was obviously talking about the wrong people.

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Blogger Patricia an American mom said...

How disingenuous.. People are only concerned about a budget "now", not when Bush was in Office. Were you deaf and dumb when People were screaming about the Republican SPENDING under Bush.

What revenue comes in is where EVERY budget starts.

Spending is the issue but should we not point out the revenue issue first..
Lets make this easy.

I am hypothesizing here, because I honestly do not know what the true figures are of the EXPECTED or PROJECTED revenue..
The Feds don't either it is a shell game, truly.

So for fun lets play with a few figures.

If we have 1 billion in revenue coming in .. how do you support spending into the trillions.. I do state support. Not do it.. as we all well know it is done.

You self finance.. Imagine if we the average citizen were able to self finance all our debt..
Oh my that was so much fun! I am back now from the high life on "credit".

What is that you say China or anyone else does not finance individuals.. ? Really, is CHINA serious? Who do they think they are lending that money to?

Get it now?!

A lot of Obama's "other" votes were from dis-enfranchised Republicans " and independents.

The McCain "pick" and the fact that the Reps started to spend based on getting votes the same as the Democrats.

But Obama turned out to be the biggest scam artist of all. One America, as he notes "I won" get over it.. Shove this and that. Your god and guns. Stupid Cambridge Cops. Driving us over a cliff. Bring a knife, get in their face..

Walks out on Heads of State, leaves a former President to address the press. That is your idea of a leader?

If only we could all be truthful grow-up and realize an entire country is at stake...

With this add-on and that, what pray tell have the Democrats and Republicans left off their repay for votes garbage they call a budget.

For votes, this and that padding of spending bills has us ALL losing.

I do not know about you, but that Luxury Country Club filled with perks doesn't make me feel proud of anyone there holding office. .. The Senate and House are filled with shysters and scam artists. At least that is what I can see from my backyard.

If you want to remain a shrill for the Democrats, get it right about most people who can relate to the Tea Party movement. Those with the microphone do not get it either.. dis-enfranchised Democrats, Republicans and Independents make up the bulk of the movement.
Not Republicans.

Be honest.. if labels make you feel better, so be it. Names and labels are counter- productive. The dismiss the issue... but I guess that is how most of the scam artists get elected. Pitting citizens after their fellow citizens. So infantile.

April 10, 2011 11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Patricia. I'm one of the people who have tried to play by the rules, pay my mortgage, don't buy more house than I can afford, work overtime when it comes, save for my retirement. The bailouts bother me, Rahm Emmanuel making 325,000 for a years work at Fannie May, my healthcare now not being as good as it was because my company has to pay for peoples kids up to the age of 26. Every government employee making 150,000 or more should take an immediate 10% pay cut.

April 10, 2011 3:03 PM  

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