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Sunday, April 17, 2011

You're fired!

Who's the bigger sucker -- the person who thinks Donald Trump would be a good president or the person with the microphone asking the question?

The sad state of American politics -- and journalism -- has been amply exposed in recent weeks as Trump, the New York self-promoter (and part-time real estate flop) has been bouncing on and off the airwaves and political stumps, flirting with the notion of a 2012 Republican presidential run.

That polls show Trump is challenging Mitt Romney, another guy known for his hair "style," speaks volume about the sorry state of political discourse in the United States.

But it is an even louder slap at the pathetic state of what passes for public affairs "journalism" in an environment now dominated by cable television shout-fests, insults -- and a dearth of serious reporting.

Is there any correlation between Trump's promise to declare his intentions by June and the fact that the latest round of his Celebrity Apprentice reality show is schedule to run through May?

Ya think?

Awhile back there was a Twitter dialogue between a respectable national TV political reporter and a local media critic, the gist of which is "why shouldn't we cover Trump because that's what people are talking about?"

Of course would they be talking about it if national media wasn't offering the trial balloon for Trump's hot air to lift?

Troubled times require comic relief and Trump's egomaniacal stunts have traditionally been harmless (his recent birther b-s being a notable exception). But for traditional mainstream news outlets to treat this PR stunt as legitimate news is beyond frightening.

Enough to make me want to imitate The Donald and say -- hey editors, 'you're fired."

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