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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Blinded by the story line

Conspicuously absent from the Globe's front page thumbsucker about unions and the state budget crisis is a detailed look at how Massachusetts labor managed to become "just another interest group."

What's worse, Globe editors seem to be ignoring their own reporting, with Glen Johnson following Deval Patrick out to Wisconsin where the governor issued a strong defense of labor unions and collective bargaining.

Instead of showing off its local chops, the Globe has fallen victim to the national story line that blue Massachusetts is the latest state to try and crush the labor movement. Never mind the House has limited itself to a narrow provision that would give unions 30 days to negotiate changes to their health plans with local officials, instead of allowing the officials to act without any union input.

And never mind that House Democrats stuck this provision into the fiscal 2012 budget only after labor leaders have steadfastly refused to concede an inch even as their members lose jobs in cash-strapped municipalities.

Instead of leading the way on the story, the Globe is just tagging along -- leaving the best reporting to Charlie at Blue Mass Group.

All sides -- certainly Rep. Marty Walsh and maybe even AFL-CIO boss Bobby Haynes -- recognize the House provision is unlikely to become law. Perhaps the Globe should too?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charlie's post is important, not for his take but for the discussion it initiated in the comments section.

Read Charlie's post but mostly, read the comments.

May 01, 2011 10:19 AM  

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