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Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of days drill

Do you think the Herald is really mad that the City of Boston is wasting all that money and manpower on a drill right before the End Times?

Yes, our favorite tabloid found another reason to get into high dudgeon -- TWICE IN ONE WEEK!!!! -- assailing the city and its public safety officials for staging disaster and anti-terrorism training during a busy weekend full of outdoor events.

Duh. Isn't that when someone looking to cause massive panic just might strike? Not every terrorist may be like al Qaeda and stage a plot in rush hour during a workweek.

Of course a few paragraphs after invoking images of Armageddon, the Herald offers a classic Emily Littela. Never mind.
Alarmed onlookers and passers-by will be alerted to the 24-hour drill by warning signs and officials stationed at key locations, said Don McGough, director of the city’s office of emergency management.
Rather than invoking fear into the hearts and minds of residents and tourists, odds are the public will view the activity as a valuable public service. Or at the very least some interesting street theater.

Maybe the editorial panic is because the sky is constantly falling over at One Herald Square, where the dreaded Globe is poised to swoop in and start printing and delivering the Amazing Shrinking Paper.

Or maybe with the Rapture now slated to arrive at 6 p.m., the editors see it as yet another waste of public resources?

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