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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Martyrdom becomes them

It was as predictable as the weather. The plucky tabloid devoting its front page in righteous indignation over the unprecedented snub to their right of free speech.

Of course it was no such thing. If the Boston Herald was "banned" from Barack Obama's fund-raising events in Boston, how was political reporter Hilary Chabot live-tweeting from inside the event?

There was near unanimity that White House press aides made a monumental public relations goof in how they told the Herald it would not be among the small press pool that accompanies the president and shares his words with reporters.

That duty fell yesterday to, among others, Globe White House reporter Donovan Slack, who regaled the world with the fact that Air Force One served Milano cookies with lunch. Pool duty isn't exactly heavy lifting.

But here now is the Tea Party Newsletter in full outrage mode -- four stories teased on Page One about this monumental snub, including a lead in which journalism and communications professor opine and noted 1st Amendment expert Mitt Romney offers his view that the Herald is "truthful and interesting" in lamenting the White House "barring" the newspaper.

Oh well. Myth has always been a little loose with the facts.

Columnist Michael Graham tells us Obama is being "Nixonian." Actually it's "Bushian." Or "Giulianian."

I suspect that nowhere in the wall-to-wall snub coverage is there any reference to former President George W. Bush actually excluding the media from a speech earlier this year. Or from having ticketed guests excluded from a 2004 campaign event.

Or a credentialed (right wing) reporter being arrested on orders of a press aide to GOP presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani in 2007.

Obama aide Matt Lehrich messed up big time when he opened his mouth and inserted his foot in discussing the Herald's exclusion from yesterday's pool. But he simply joined a vast network of political aides, many who did far more egregious things, in defense of their bosses.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe we should be looking into a time when the advantages of our "connectivity" could be used so reporters won't be able to screen what we see/hear in the first place. Have someone carry a designated "Skype" type of device and we can log on and watch at our convienence. The truth can only help expose politicans whether they're on the right or left.

May 19, 2011 5:36 AM  

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