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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No way to talk to someone

Forget The Handshake. Ignore the Full Flip Flop. The most disturbing thing about Scott Brown's Big Adventure is how he chose to inform Massachusetts voters about his final (we hope) position on the Paul Ryan Medicare proposal.

When D-Day arrived, the holder of the People's Seat in Massachusetts chose to write an op-ed in Politico, a publication that thrives as the bible of insider Washington.

Brown has never been shy about attention. But his access to reporters suggests that he believes they are disease carriers, even though he is happily married to one.

Someone is no doubt chronicling the number of times the junior senator has actually answered direct questions from the Fourth Estate but it is likely a short list since he loaded up the truck and moved to D.C.

And it's not a surprise he chose to make his announcement in writing given how many times his mouth has betrayed him since his announcement in Newburyport that "the leaders will bring forward [the GOP] budget, and I will vote for it, and it will fail.’’

No, it's the selection of Politico, rather than say the now infamous front page Boston Herald op-ed space, that has me scratching my head. For a man who claims he has no higher ambition than continuing to serve in The People's Seat, why snub the hometown media?

Maybe his crack press staff will issue a statement and clarification. I doubt reporters will get a chance to ask.

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