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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Setti, we hardly know ye

If Newton Mayor Setti Warren wanted to make a big splash with his pre-announcement for his 2012 challenge to Scott Brown he badly miscalculated.

The first-term Newton mayor failed to score a Page One hit in the Boston Globe. Heck, he failed to make it on to the Politico home page -- you know the one that had room for Bristol Palin's new reality show and word of the Schwarzengger-Shriver break-up.

Warren may be correct that he is about as well known at this stage of the game as Brown. But Scotto was running for an open seat against what turned out to be a lackluster and uninspiring Martha Coakley.

And Brown had a political resume far lengthier than Warren, who was waved off from the challenge by no less than Newton's own Barney Frank.

Warren tosses his name into a field that is becoming crowded by a bunch of "who?" hopefuls, with special election loser Alan Khazei probably the best known of the field. And one area where Brown has shown consistency is in raising cash to fend off what he suspects will be a major national Democratic cash dump.

In other words, the reality is that a Brown challenge is a long-shot. But then again so was Brown's grasping for the brass ring in the race to fill the seat left vacant by Ted Kennedy's death.

Warren (or Khazei or Bob Massie) need to hope for another lightning in a bottle moment, like the surge of Koch-generated Tea Party anger that crested over Coakley. It's not entirely far-fetched, given how House Republicans are already retreating from their punitive Medicare "make-over."

But I like the Celtics chances of taking three straight from the Heat better than I like those of the current Democratic Senate field of dreamers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

With a one-armed point guard!

How come Dwyane Wade didn't get suspended a game and fined a million for his cheap shot take-down of Rondo? It ended the series.

May 10, 2011 5:27 AM  

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