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Monday, May 09, 2011


Did I miss anything while I was gone?

  • Rajon Rondo solidified his place in Celtics lore with his dramatic return Saturday night. Win or lose the series, this is now Rondo's team -- and the three or four Hall-of-Famers who take the floor with him tonight make for a great supporting cast.
  • While we were all focusing on the Celtics getting old, did anyone notice the Lakers? You may argue about whether they are too old -- but the team swept by the Mavericks, including a 36-point blowout yesterday -- need a serious makeover. Losing that badly in a must-win game suggests deeper problems than ones caused by trying to rejigger a team on the fly so it doesn't repeat thew Celtics '90s swoon.
  • I'm officially on the bandwagon: how 'bout dem Broons?
  • Now that Scott Brown has seen the bin Laden death pictures, what other great discoveries can we expect?
  • Gov. Cahill? What were those people smoking?
  • Probably the same thing as those folks who saw Sal DiMasi as the great liberal hope.

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