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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where's Scotto?

Sarah Palin may be having a blast taunting the media, but Scott Brown obviously wants nothing to do with pesky reporters.

The senator himself is nowhere to be found in today's story calculating the lost passion between the Tea Party and himself. Hardly a surprise given the negative undertones of a story quoting a retired West Virginia telephone worker who wants his money back because Brown is "just another liberal."

But anyone notice how little Brown engages the media at all -- depending on spokespeople for pronouncements on both policy and politics.

Could be it because when the junior senator does speak directly these days it gets him into trouble -- witness his comments to the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce on Paul Ryan's Medicare bill.

Brown no longer needs Stephen Colkett's $50 because his votes for bankers and against the unemployed have netted him a substantial war chest that will enable him to afford a televised blitz against whoever Democrats eventually come up with as a challenger.

But Brown's reticence to directly to reporters could become an interesting sidebar -- if journalists ever get a chance to ask him about it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott Brown was never associated with the Tea Party, was the better candidate and still is the best candidate. Democratic party better get off their butt and put forth a viable opponent or this race will appear as one-sided as the GOP offering in the presidential race.

May 31, 2011 7:15 AM  

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