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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hail to the Bruins!

There's only one thing that could force the Sal DiMasi conviction off the Herald front page or below the fold of the Globe: The first Stanley Cup in 39 years!

For at least one day Shank is happy and Howie Carr's embittered bile needs a headline writer's imagination to seem topical. The bitter-enders can turn their attention to Roberto Luongo instead.

So hail to Tim Thomas and Zdeno Chara. Hats off to Patrice Bergeron and Nathan Horton and the scrappy skaters who showed a real comeback story -- from the ashes of last's year's embarrassing debacle of Yankee proportions.

The Bruins hoisting the Cup reminds us that at its soul, Boston has always been a hockey town. And that means, for at least one day, the soul is at peace thanks to the masterful, if agita-inducing way the club worked its way through the playoffs.

Enjoy it. Tomorrow is Bunker Hill Day after all.

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