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Friday, June 24, 2011

The morning after

After the shock and disbelief that Whitey Bulger is finally in custody comes the realization one of the FBI's allegedly Most Wanted lived under their noses in a rent-controlled apartment in Santa Monica for 15 years.

Freaking Bumblers and Incompetents anyone?

What about all those reports of Bulger sightings in London or Italy? Instead, he and his girlfriend Catherine Greig were living on a quiet street of the nation's second-largest city. Just an unassuming elderly couple.

The feds may have finally gotten their man, but I suspect there are going to be times in the days and weeks ahead that they wish he was still on the lam. The FBI probably has many buried skeletons in their closet about the Bulger fiasco as Whitey and his men had of people they tortured and murdered.

We've long questioned what kind of people would make a bargain with the devil -- freedom to kill in exchange for turning on a rival gang of killers and thugs. Bulger's chief handler, John Connolly, has spent more time in jail than Whitey for his complicity, including the fact he allowed Bulger to run before he could be arrested in 1995.

Says David Wheeler, the son of a Bulger victim:
"My opinion is that they don’t want Bulger to tell what he knows about the corruption in the FBI," said Wheeler, who was 29 and working for his father when he died. “There’s no crime that the FBI has not committed. ... The FBI has beat any idealism out of me."
And what of the honest cops -- Boston and State Police -- who worked along aside federal agents we now know were duplicitous?
“The real issue here is now that Bulger is in custody, who gets access to him,’’ said Tom Foley, the retired State Police commander who led the investigation that resulted in the 1995 racketeering indictment against Bulger.
Bulger's confession and/or conviction on the 19 murders he is charged with is important for closure, if such is possible, for the families.

But his confession about what the FBI knew and when they knew it is important for closure, once and for all, on the corruption inside the nation's most vaunted law enforcement agency.

Bulger has an opportunity to leave behind another string of bodies. This time we should be rooting for him to play snitch.

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