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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Obama lays his cards out

While Scott Brown is playing with his baseball cards, Barack Obama appears to be stepping up to the plate in a game that really matters.

Obama laid his own cards on the table yesterday at a White House news conference where he called out Republicans to stop posturing and get serious about negotiating an increase in the nation's debt ceiling.

A more combative Obama neatly punctured the GOP balloon about standing up for average Americans in their resistance to taxes in addition to program cuts:
“I’ve said to some of the Republican leaders: you go talk to your constituents, the Republican constituents, and ask them, are they willing to compromise their kids’ safety so that some corporate-jet owner continues to get a tax break?” Mr. Obama said. “I’m pretty sure what the answer would be.”
The sad fact is the Democrats are asking for short money in taxes. The Times notes "owners of corporate jets would have to write off the aircrafts’ cost in fewer years, which would generate an estimated $3 billion for the Treasury over a decade. Hedge funds and private equity investors would pay higher capital gains tax on their earnings. Phasing out tax deductions and credits for oil and gas companies could raise nearly $40 billion."

Yet the Boehner Bunch insists this is too much of a sacrifice, meaning, in Obama's calculations, "cuts in programs that award college scholarships, finance the National Weather Service and medical research and improve food safety."

Democrats have allowed the Republicans to carry the debate for far too long with the nice-sounding rhetoric that claims they stand up for Main Street and not Wall Street. Details like this puncture that balloon.

They key of course is for Obama and Democrats to stand firm in the face of Boehner's return volleys.

Or maybe they can steal a GOP gimmick and sell sell baseball cards too.

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