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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ranking Shank

The Globe's perpetual sports rain cloud is at it again, trying to burst the euphoria over the Bruins first Stanley Cup in 39 years by ranking it No. 3 among Boston sports titles this century.

As someone whose principal sports loyalties lie with the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns (46 years and counting), I second Joe Kahn's sentiments that Boston sports fans have no reason to complain -- except about writers who try to rain on the rolling parades.

In keeping with that thought, let me start a ranking Boston sports writers. Feel free to join in:
  • Bob Ryan, Globe: While Ryan bleeds hoops, he's an engaging writer who can tackle all sports, and acknowledge his shortcomings.
  • Kevin Paul Dupont, Globe: I half-paid attention to the Bruins this years, but rarely failed to miss Dupont's strongly reported, well-written Sunday column. His Sunday Sports Page 2 offering was an extra bonus.
  • Gary Washburn, Globe: The new(ish) Celtics beat writer was never afraid to level criticism along with kudos.
  • Steve Bulpett, Herald: His history with the Celtics is major credential in sorting through his basketball ruminations.
That puts Shank its least fourth this century. And that's not commenting on hall-of-famers like Peter Gammons or Leigh Montvillle. Shaughnessey probably comes in higher than the Herald's Joe Fitzgerald though.

Add your own!

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