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Friday, June 03, 2011

Tone deaf politics

Neither rain, nor hail nor the destruction from a trio of tornadoes can keep these politicians from their appointed rounds.

And that's exactly what potential voters were treated to yesterday as western Massachusetts dug out from twisters that killed three people and damaged hundreds of homes and businesses. Meanwhile, across the border, the political Kabuki theater played on -- oblivious or uncaring to the pain.

Apologists will say Mitt Romney has been planning his formal campaign announcement at a New Hampshire farm for months and it would have been inappropriate for him to venture to western Massachusetts and upstage the role of his successor, Deval Patrick.

Nevertheless, it's a surprise the tightly rehearsed Romney event had no room for ad libs -- such as an acknowledgment and expression of concern for his neighbors and one-time constituents a short bus ride away in Springfield and Monson.

At least that's better than literally taking a bus ride through the height of the storm during a faux "family vacation" for an opportunity to upstage and mock Romney. I'm talking abut you Sarah.

The Republican Party's principal claim to electoral success has been that of image creation: they proclaim their allegiance to Main Street while doing the bidding of Wall Street in a manner where image speaks louder than deed.

To carry out life as normal next door to a tragedy where a mother sacrifices herself for her child offers an incredible vivid reminder of the fallacy of GOP concern and the callous tone deafness of the candidates vying to be the party's leader next year.

How hard is it to say something encouraging to people who are suffering and will need help from government to get some semblance of normalcy back into their lives?

CORRECTION: The death toll directly related to the storm was revised downward to three people.

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