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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tornado Tour

Talk about an omen. The Sarah Palin "vacation" tour comes to Massachusetts and the weather turns apocalyptic, with lightning, hail and a tornado or two.

Is it a coincidence she arrived the night before Mitt Romney ends the suspense over his intentions? What do you think?

Fresh from pizza with the Donald in Times Square and a quick tour of Ellis Island -- and a slam of the DREAM Act -- the First Lady of Hype was ready to get back on the road. But first a stop at Fox News and a chat with the bosses, who say she is still a member in good standing of the Conservative Commentariat.

The press corps trailing her offered constant weather updates as the bus pulled into the Bay State near Springfield, which was battered by tornadoes that would not quit. It was a spectacle even bigger than her and the bus wisely headed eastbound.

So now the big question on the Where's Sarah Road Trip is who does she show up next? Intruding on Deval Patrick and the tragedy would be a bit unseemly and the storms have sucked up no small part of media attention for the rare combination of their intensity and rarity in western and central Massachusetts.

One school of thought suggested a stop at the Concord Bridge, a nifty photo-op to talk about the real American Revolution and upstage history buff Michele Bachmann. Others suggest a tour of the Freedom Trail.

My personal favorite, a stop at the site of the real Tea Party, seems to be a loser, alas, because the visuals just aren't the same without the replica vessels.

So the betting money is the bus will head up 93 and suck some of the oxygen out of Romney's stage managed announcement on a New Hampshire farm, a scene straight out of President Jed Bartlet's playbook.

After all, stealing Mitt's thunder seems appropriate given her arrival in New England.

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