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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Truth or dare (II)

Did Whitey Bulger really sneak back to Boston "armed to the teeth" to take care of business? Or is he just blowing smoke up the FBI's butt again?

I'm leaning to the latter explanation, thinking a criminal mind as sharp as Bulger's isn't about to waive his legal rights without some sort of promise in return. After all, that's how snitches work.

But Bulger's braggadocio is clearly going to turn up the heat on his brothers, particularly former Senate President William Bulger, to disclose what they knew and when they knew it.

Brother Billy has more than is $196,000 state pension at stake. He has a reputation he worked tirelessly to build and protect as the one who did good works. It has been tarnished by his devotion to family, an understandable response, albeit somewhat tougher in this instance.

It was his acknowledgment that he spoke to his fugitive brother once that started Billy Bulger's downhill slide. The feds -- who clearly are no angels either in this case -- will no doubt start working hard to pry from Billy and other brother John whether fugitive Whitey was indeed in town under the feds' noses and whether the family knew it and had contact with him.

I've long been willing to give Billy the benefit of the doubt on this one. But the time of reckoning is coming -- and much more than a $196,000 pension is at stake for a man who has always tried publicly at least, to put his honor first.

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