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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Woulda, coulda, shoulda

It was the great political parlor game of 2010 and it just got revived: Could Charlie Baker have won the governor's race without Tim Cahill in the field?

The fuel is an admission by Cahill's attorney that the former treasurer was involved in a decision to switch a lottery ad campaign from one focusing on specific games to one boosting the overall program and its management.

Attorney Joseph Demeo says the shift was designed to protect the lottery from a battering caused by a $2 million advertising campaign -- run by an independent Republican committee trying to soften up Cahill or force him out of the three-way race with Deval Patrick.
“The treasurer would have been remiss if the lottery did not act to protect crucial state revenues,’’ Demeo said. “The decision to run the ads was both sound business judgment and completely legal.’’
We've already seen the e-mails from Cahill's erstwhile campaign staff calling on Treasurer Tim to use the lottery advertising account to bolster his image. But an admission by Cahill's attorney of his client' s involvement is pretty damning -- even if the treasurer never committed his actions to e-mail himself.

Attorney General Martha Coakley's office isn't talking about the investigation it has been conducting, but we could be looking at another gaudy political corruption trial hereabouts unless Cahill makes some "arrangements."

As for the the parlor game -- I doubt it. While Baker recently took a look back at his campaign, he never wallowed in might-have-beens. And hindsight suggests Patrick was riding the very beginning of a wave that now has people clamoring for him to take on Scott Brown.

But we sure have some fun new stuff to sink our teeth into.

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