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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The gang that couldn't shoot straight

When John Boehner can't even get his own members to support a cockamamie GOP plan, isn't it time to say enough and get down to reality on the debt ceiling?

The inmates continue to run the asylum, now tossing off bad ideas as well as good in their uneducated march to fiscal chaos.

All the while, options to make our tax system fairer go unused, making sure the Tea Party voters who out the renegades into office are the ones who will suffer most.

Meanwhile, some of the illiterate lawmakers are huffing and puffing about impeaching Barack Obama if he invokes the 14th Amendment to stave off this GOP-inspired fiscal calamity. It's hard to think of a more blatant political power play, or something that more clearly reveals the real motives behind the Washington farce.

And with Boehner, and now even Eric Cantor, having lost control of their own unruly mob, the scenario comes into even sharper focus.

And all it will cost the rest of us is our retirement savings.

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