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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Leading by example

Bobby Haynes' virtual silence said it all. And that should set an example for others who want to play government by brinkmanship.
“Finally, in the endgame, we still get to sit down with municipalities and bang out and bargain what health care looks like in that city or town,’’ Haynes said. “That’s all we ever wanted, was to have a voice.’’
The once fire-breathing AFL-CIO boss was reacting to the municipal health care reform measure contained in the fiscal 2012 state budget signed yesterday by Deval Patrick. The lion laid down with the lambs -- after some thoughtful discussions where political talking points were left outside the door.

The dealings had attracted national attention -- particularly in contrast to Wisconsin, where a GOP-dominated government put talking points first. The governor chose politics over savings, because union leaders had already agreed to concessions.

Walker eventually scored his ideological triumph, but the fall-out is just beginning.

No one got everything they wanted in the Massachusetts deal. House Speaker Robert DeLeo had proposed some tougher rules and labor is going to have to make some changes in their health care options.

But government actually governed. No brinkmanship. No political showboating.

All in all a good lesson to the folks down in DC. If they could actually stop posturing for the cameras and listen to someone other than the lobbyists.

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