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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Look out below -- and above

Motorists may need a helmet to drive through the O'Neill Tunnel but Jeff Mullan could probably do without his Helmut.

It seems Department of Transportation officials have been more interested in covering other portions of their anatomy than in repairing or replacing the fixtures that illuminate the Big Dig tunnel.

Mullan was already on thin ice after his handling -- or should I say mishandling of the faulty fixtures. The secretary was all over the map on what he knew and when he knew it after one came tumbling down in February and the public learned about it a month later.

An appropriate scapegoat was found and we were left to assume that work was moving forward on solving the problem.

You know what they say about assumptions.

But now Helmut Ernst, the engineer with the most direct responsibility for the lights, is airing his and other dirty laundry, even though Mullan clearly chose Ernst's former boss, Frank Tramontozzi as the fall guy.

About the only thing that is clear in this story is there appears to be more finger pointing than fixture-fixing taking place in DOT. And that means bureaucratic heads should roll before motorist heads are harmed.

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