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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

More myth-making

Most parents teach their children not to play with matches. Mitt Romney's should have focused on not playing with words. After all, both can burn you if you are not careful.

Romney's ever-changing rhetoric about Barack Obama's economic policies and the recession have a child's argument quality to it: Did so. Did not. Did so. Except Romney is taking both sides of the argument.

As usual.

But Our Man Myth has needed to change the terms in order to debate himself. Now he's telling us what the meaning of the word recession is.
“The technical term of recession is not the one the American people recognize,’’ Romney said. “Most of the American people understand we’re still feeling the effects of the recession.’’
This from a millionaire who thinks he's unemployed because his full-time job since 2006 has been running for president.

There's an old line when your neighbor is out of work, that's a recession; when you lose your job that's a depression. And for many people, the slow economic recovery makes the distinction between words meaningless.

But Romney's culpability -- and that of his party -- goes beyond words. He blames a "failed" stimulus that Republicans fought to water it down. And he ignores the fact the stimulus contained significant tax cuts -- something which the GOP has considered the Holy Grail of recovery.

And let's not even get into the GOP insistence on extending the Bush tax cuts -- one of the single biggest factors, along with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars -- in creating the massive debt Romney and his cohorts now rail against.

Facts to keep in mind as Romney stakes out multiple positions -- again.

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