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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Political theater

House Speaker John Boehner appears to have a solution to the artificial debt ceiling crisis of his own making: screw the poor and elderly.

Lost amid the dueling primetime speeches is the reality of Boehner's latest "solution" to a debt problem that neatly corresponds to the size of the Bush tax cuts and other GOP follies. The GOP political two-step is a gun aimed directly at the most vulnerable among us.

"House Speaker John Boehner’s new budget proposal would require deep cuts in the years immediately ahead in Social Security and Medicare benefits for current retirees, the repeal of health reform’s coverage expansions, or wholesale evisceration of basic assistance programs for vulnerable Americans.

The plan is, thus, tantamount to a form of “class warfare.” If enacted, it could well produce the greatest increase in poverty and hardship produced by any law in modern U.S. history."
It's worth recalling, yet again, the Republican Party's No. 1 priority is not a balanced budget, debt reduction or the creation of jobs and prosperity. It is the political defeat of Barack Obama. Sending the country back into a depression seems to be their tactic of choice.

The Boehner plan makes the Paul Ryan budget seem generous. Instead of the cynical ploy of exempting those nearing retirement, the Boehner plan aims at them -- and those now receiving benefits.

All with the two-step approach designed to kick the political football down the road.

Boehner accuses Obama of a lack of seriousness and a desire for a "blank check." But it's the GOP that continues to play games as it seeks to write "Top 1 Percent" into the blank check they want to raid the Treasury for the benefit of the richest Americans who don't pay their fair share.

(New York Times graphic and accompanying explanation is legible here.)

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