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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Senator MIA

For a man who once appeared nude in a national magazine, Scott Brown has gotten awfully shy.

But as the debate and outrage over Republican political posturing on the debt ceiling mounts Massachusetts' junior senator is, as usual, far from the fray, hiding behind a spokesman and platitudes:
“It’s difficult to get into hypotheticals without seeing what they’re actually moving forward with,’’ Brown said, commenting on which pieces he could accept in any such deal.
Brown has, ahem, some skin in this game, having gone to bat for tax breaks for the financial services industry, a position that fattened his campaign coffers in advance of the 2012 elections. And for someone looking for a full-term next year, it does seem strange to for him to position himself as out of the loop.

But all is not lost because Brown has come out in support of that favorite GOP canard, a balanced budget amendment. Never mind that it will not pass the Senate and under the most favorable of circumstances, would not have the force of law for years.

And another striking difference: while Maine Sen. Susan Collins talks to the Globe about what she hears from constituents during her frequent visits home, Senator Barn Coat appears to be very out-of-touch with the men and women who put him into office.

Things may be a-changing though. With Barack Obama apparently poised to bypass Elizabeth Warren for the job at Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, we may be looking at a very interesting Senate race, one that pits the scourge of the banking industry against one of its protectors.

Maybe then we'll hear directly from from our MIA senator.

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