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Friday, July 01, 2011

Summer whine

You would think with some nice weather and a holiday weekend to look forward to, we would opt for shorts and smiles. But here we are celebrating the fiscal new year with bad case of the cranky pants.

Let's start with the universal snit that comes from Whitey overload. If we're not complaining about tying up traffic on the expressway with his police escort motorcade, we're cheesed off about his chopper rides and $125 an hour public defender.

And just to prove the snark isn't confined to white criminals, there's a buzz about Michelle Obama and her security motorcade, not to mention the fact she used a Teleprompter.

What would John Binienda say? Not to mention Mark Halperin?

Guess I'll just sit back, enjoy a cold one and engage in Hot Barbecue League speculation about the Celtics next season, go for a dip at the local pool and wait for Lionel Richie at the Pops.

Oh yeah.

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