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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Unemployment has its benefits

For a guy who labeled himself "unemployed" a month ago, Myth Romney appears to be coping.

The latest campaign spending reports show the Mittser has shelled out $5 million on hotels, security and private jets on his Man of the People campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

One thing seems to be missing from his report: evidence he pays attention to his own words:

News of the flights comes after an April speech in Iowa, during which Romney said his 2012 campaign would be more frugal than his 2008 operation, especially on private jet use.

“Last time around we ... flew around from state to state, very expensive,” he said in the Iowa speech. “Times are a little different right now. These are lean times and if you want to run a hard campaign you need to be lean as well. So I’m not going to be flying all over the country.”

The Herald relays how that's going:
Romney’s presidential campaign paid $62,000 to Marquis Jet and another $64,000 to a Beverly-based corporate jet owner for several trips, including a June 20 jaunt to Idaho and Colorado that cost $11,000, records show. The Beverly-based flights were aboard a 2005 Cessna Citation CJ3, an eight-seat luxury corporate jet with leather interior and a staggering $5.8 million price tag.
Campaign watchers should be most interested in that these fact checks are coming from the Boston newspaper that should be most sympatico with what Romney is selling. So it should not go unnoticed that the Tea Party Newsletter is also offering a newfound awareness for gender bias in the same issue they batter Myth.

Better pull that seat belt a little tighter, Mr. Romney.

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