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Monday, August 22, 2011

The media ate my brain

Darn, I missed America's version of the Royal Wedding!

Slowly returning the world and the blogosphere after the Overheated Debt Ceiling Melodrama -- and the Washington press corps' inability to see beyond political strategies -- I had hoped some time, distance and some R&R would help.


In the intervening days I've seen superficial coverage of Rick "Secede or Lead?" Perry as the latest GOP flavor du jour (except for this New York Times look at how bidness and gummit interact in Texas).

Then there's the ultimately phony "debate" about Barack Obama's Martha's Vineyard vacation (here's an angle no one except for one-time Massachusetts-based reporter would catch).

On the sports front, we're regaled with apologias for one over-priced athlete and another let down by his friends.

Whatever happened to media promises to stop messing around with the trivia, particularly in politics and government,and start to focus on real issues and real answers.

At least I know Kim and Kris' "Cinderella" wedding will be on TV in a few months. And Kris won't have to worry about it being upstaged by his NBA career.

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