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Saturday, August 27, 2011

New mush from the wimps

The Globe endorses the concept of "see something, say something" in an editorial about an airline crew's overreaction to a passenger reading about vintage airplanes.

OK: The editorial is a ludicrous stretch at being topical, not to mention being wrong by failing to call out the policy for failing to have a middle ground between ignoring something and behaving as if there was an immediate threat to health and safety.

And oh yeah, as the Globe itself notes:
... It’s an odd reason to express concern about a passenger, one that might or might not have been influenced by the fact that he has dark skin. Gilbert is African-American but can pass for Middle Eastern.
Whatever happened to common sense -- whether in policies that offer escalating options based on actual threat assessments or in writing gibberish in trying to defend the indefensible?

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