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Monday, August 01, 2011

Tyranny of the minority

The deal is done (maybe) and everyone appears to be unhappy. With flames leaping around Barack Obama, it's important to keep our eyes on the real devils of this mess: the Tea Party renegades who would sacrifice our economy and national honor for ideology.

No one wins in the plan struck by Obama and congressional leaders: an economy teetering at stall speed is likely to sputter to a halt. Assuming approval of the deal, by no means a sure thing, we will continue to be consumed by this issue and not the broader national recovery needs.

Oh wait, the uber rich, the ultimate Tea Party constituency, did get a pass on paying their fair share, so I guess the Koch Brothers and their compatriots get to hang a W.

Once the blame game begins in earnest, it's most important to remember that fact. Obama and congressional Democrats were painted into a corner by bomb-throwing zealots who put party and ideology ahead of the country.

The choices offered to rational, clear thinkers were bad and worse -- and a proverbial gun was put to the nation's head to accept them.

There was no negotiation as a minority of extremists drove the debate. If, as we fear, they also drove the economy back into a ditch in the service of the masters, liberals should eschew their own tradition of eating their young. The fingers of blame should clearly be pointed at the Tea Party radicals in 2012.

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