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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A wild and Khazei guy

Friends, Romans, countrymen. I come to defend Eric Fehrnstrom, not to praise him.

The chief political operative for Mitt Romney and Scott Brown (and according to my e-mail, a brand new follower, as opposed to @EricFehrn) has been unearthed as the twit (is that the right term?) behind @CrazyKhazei.

Alleged satirical or humorous political commentary is a long standing American tradition. Some of it is actually funny. I've followed a few of these twits, er tweeps, occasionally, dropping out after a couple of days or boredom (that means you Fake Deval.)

Despite the efforts of Democratic operatives to have a little fun at the expense of the intense and occasionally unpleasant Romney-Brown operative, this is not a firing offense. The cracks in the finely groomed image is punishment enough.

Can't we all just lighten up?

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