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Friday, September 02, 2011

Check the record

Tom Menino has some doubts about Elizabeth Warren. What do you think Gov. Tom Reilly? President Hillary Clinton?

The Mayor-for-Life is offering what could very well be an accurate assessment today of the race for People's Seat a year from now.
“Scott Brown has something about him that people gravitate to,’’ the mayor said yesterday after a federal housing announcement in Dorchester ... The thing you have to give Scott Brown a lot of credit for: He works hard. He’s out in the neighborhood, he’s out talking. It’s like he’s running for City Council. He’s out shaking hands. At every event that’s possible, Scott shows up.’’
In contrast, Warren has been conducting a low-key "listening tour" in advance of a keynote address to Monday's Labor Day speech to assembled union leaders and members. Not a lot of hand shaking yet, certainly not outside Fenway Park.

To some, the Globe's front-page paean to Warren, backed by a loving tribute from Brian McGrory smack of overkill by consultant Doug Rubin.

But before granting too much weight to Hizzoner's punditry, it's wise to recall his work on behalf of then Attorney General Tom Reilly in the 2006 campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. He's been a frequent guest at Hillary Clinton's White House, no?

And is it a little nasty to recall how long he stood behind Dianne Wilkerson?

Let's check in again after Warren starts working the neighborhoods. Or after she kisses his ring.

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