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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dipping her toes

With multiple appearances but few words planned, Elizabeth Warren is stepping softly into the race for the Democratic nomination to challenge Scott Brown. Not that no one is paying attention.

Expect a media scrum as Warren works her way across the commonwealth today, pressing flesh but apparently intent to let a campaign video speak for her instead of a formal announcement.

If she maintains the discipline not to stray from the plan in the face of clamoring journalists, Brown will have accomplished two things: images of her outside of newsrooms, TV studios and private living rooms meeting real people -- or at least those rounded up by her campaign.

And she sill have a strong on-camera message for Massachusetts residents who so far only know her from appearances on Bill Maher and Jon Stewart, not to mention lambasting in the Tea Party Newsletter:
“The pressures on middle class families are worse than ever, but it is the big corporations that get their way in Washington,’’ Warren says in a clip of the video. “I want to change that. I will work my heart out to earn the trust of the people of Massachusetts.’’
The national press corps has certainly taken notice, a good thing for Democrats hoping the pack's focus on Warren will change the subject for the over analyzed loss of the New York seat once held by Anthony Weiner.

Warren needs to hone her own persona as the daughter of a janitor and a store clerk to counter that of a (suede) barn coat-wearing (daughter's horse trailer pulling-) truck driving man who has done the bidding of the banks Warren has fought. And the man who won largely on image has has to be nervous.

While a recent Boston Globe poll found her with a 60 percent unknown rating, a WBUR-FM survey found those who know her place her nine points behind Brown if she gets out of the Democratic primary. And the luster on Brown, still strong, appear to be wearing thin.

So the game is afoot. But we will now all await a needed campaign stop, courtesy of Maratha Coakley: mingling with the fans outside Fenway Park.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange but in this state she'll need to brush up on naming some Red Sox players, she was unable to do so at the Parkway diner in Worcester yesterday. It shows the sad state of affairs and the moronic state of most of the populous that they would be influenced by a candidates ability to show the common touch and relate to them based on sports. Just as we have tests for new people to become citizens, I'm beginning to think we should have tests to allow people to vote.

September 15, 2011 6:11 AM  

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