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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The GOP Follies

Herman Cain's win in the Florida GOP straw poll predicts just one thing: Barack Obama shouldn't rush to order the moving van for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have been trading charges and insults with increasing intensity as conventional wisdom suggests one of them will emerge with the GOP presidential nomination to challenge a weakened Obama.

But Cain's victory in Florida -- along with Michele Bachmann's long forgotten triumph in Iowa -- suggests the real story is intense unhappiness with the GOP field, meaning Perry and Romney.

I'm convinced the Tea Party wing of the GOP will vote for the Mittster -- one day after hell freezes over. His fluid stance on positions and his religious beliefs are too much for the Red Meat Crowd to stomach.

Party regulars -- or what's left of them -- get heart burn over Perry whose book "Fed Up" is a road map of how to attack the Texas governor for his intemperate if not downright idiotic stances on issues like Social Security.

Support for Cain, Bachmann and Ron Paul only divert attention from the real problem Republicans have in fielding a credible candidate who can navigate both the primary and the general election.

Cain has as much of a chance emerging with the nomination as Bachmann or Paul or Rick Santorum. The mainstream media has begun to recognize that and carved these candidates from the serious coverage.

But perhaps in a reaction to the MSM judgment, rank-and-file Republican activists keep their names and hopes alive, giving Obama more time to get playbooks ready from two only less-flawed potential foes.

But there's hope (for Obama): Chris Christie and Sarah Palin may still be around the corner.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

But in your post below you say that the Republicans voting want to go back to slavery, how could they vote for a job producer if he was black?

September 26, 2011 8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be foolish.

September 26, 2011 9:24 AM  

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