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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Have you seen the Globe today? (II)

We've now had a week of the new Boston Globe web site. The updated verdict? Sure would be nice to have a little news with the snazzy new design. It might make it easier to get paying customers.

Today we are treated to two separate discourses on House members flipping on casino votes and a feature on lazy lobster that consumes much of Metro front and all of its second page. That follows yesterday's scintillating front page take on fake IDs and bouncers.

Not to pick on Billy Baker, the talented writer who wrote both stories. Or to poo-poo the need for a good editorial mix that includes features with breaking news.

But the problem with the incredibly shrinking Globe has been a dwindling story count tied directly to the reduction in ad pages. The higher feature count sticks out even more when the overall content is sparse.

Replicating that model behind a $3.99 a week paywall doesn't strike me as a winner.

Then again, neither does paying three times that much for a dead-tree version that comes complete with a shredded page in Ideas that drives me to the web to read the columns.

One constructive suggestion: there needs to be some way to quickly scan for all content in all sections. Right now it takes too many clicks to get a feel for what's available.

Graphically and technically, the old Today's Globe site that featured the top stories with headlines for the rest right below was far more informative than today's multi-click model. But then again, clicks are the name of the game.

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