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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor kicks the tires

It would seem the Democratic establishment has found a Senate candidate. Now if only the voters get a chance.

Elizabeth Warren continued her "listening tour" yesterday before hundreds of activists at the annual Labor Day breakfast. The fig leaf over her plans to enter the Democratic fight to challenge Scott Brown just about fell off.
“Whether I fight as an outsider or I fight from the floor of the Senate,’’ she said before she was interrupted by an ovation, “I will continue to stand for you.’’
The coyness of the Doug Rubin-inspired introductory swing is wearing thin among the potential rivals who have been beating the bushes for months.
“I’ve been out there for 13 weeks, 90 stops in the last 13 weeks,’’ Setti Warren said yesterday as he worked the crowd.
And while the young Newton mayor has been struggling to gain traction, he is as virtually unknown as his namesake, who showed up with a 60 percent unknown in the polls.

GOP consultants are equally unimpressed with the contrivance.
So far, it’s a low-risk, contrived mini-campaign,” [Todd] Domke said. “She’s running. Or she’s walking, at least.”
It's time to take the training wheels off.

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