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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nothing to sneeze at

Generic drugs reduce the cost of prescription medicines. No one said anything about over-the-counter ones.

With ragweed sprouting and the hay fever season underway, I thought it was time to renew my long-standing prescription for the 12-hour version of Allegra. I admit I enjoyed walking past all the high-priced anti-histamines on sale in the aisles, particularly after the drug went generic a few years ago, knocking down my costs considerably.

So imagine my surprise when my friendly neighborhood pharmacist told me the drug was on back order, with no estimate of when i wold be available. Follow-up checks saw the message finally morph into the generic version I had taken for years was no longer being made.

Following their suggestion, I asked my doctor for a prescription for the 24-hour version. Lo and behold, the word comes back that I was out-of-luck there too. No more generic 24-hour Allegra either.

Out of options, I am now facing double the cost to buy an over=the-counter version of a prescription I have taken for years. I suppose I should consider myself lucky that it still exists, but I wonder if this is the way to reduce the cost of health care?

At least they haven't criminalized it. Yet.

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