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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Perry and thrust

Who would have thought Rick Perry would be looking for some comfort in Boston? Or the GOP would turn to Massachusetts to stop its rightward lurch?

But that may be the case as the Texas governor and this week's GOP front-runner arrives in town after being the main course last night Florida debate, grilled by his rivals about Ponzi schemes, HPV vaccines and jobs.

The swift rise of Perry and his rousing condemnation of Social Security clearly has party elders sweating bullets as they fear an erosion of the senior citizens they snatched from the Democratic side in 2010 with the phony claims about Democrats wanting to gut Medicare (conveniently forgetting Paul Ryan's plans).

But the fact that Tim Pawlenty is the best hope to stop the Perry juggernaut is the most vivid example yet of how deep the deficit of reality-based candidates is on the GOP bench. Just months after he ripped "Obamaneycare," T-Paw is now rushing to Mitt's side to stem the flood of tea that threatens to swamp the GOP.

It's a bit disconcerting for the swaggering Texas governor, no doubt, to find a warmer reception in the pages of the Tea Party Newsletter than he did on the stage of the Tea Party debate. But then again, we know Mitt Romney better than anyone else.

Welcome to the state you hate, guvnah. We won't bite anywhere near as badly as your Florida friends.

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