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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Silence is not golden

Be afraid, Tim Cahill. Be very afraid.

The silence from Martha Coakley was deafening as she announced the indictment of former probation chief John O'Brien. Asked if the investigation of he patronage haven that was the Probation Department was over, Coakley simply said:
"This is the beginning of the investigation, not the end of it."
The indictment stem from allegations that O'Brien became a Cahill fund-raiser to help get his wife a job in the state Treasury.Lassoed in the same net was former Cahill chief of staff Scott Campbell.

With Sal DiMasi looking at federal accommodations for the next eight years, Cahill's tenure as Treasurer rats the next best look for those making sure Beacon Hill politics passes the sniff test.

We've had an incredible run through the rot on Beacon Hill in recent years, but so far no one elected statewide. This could be getting interesting.

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